Little Nine Conservancy

Helping to protect a part of our history

Little Nine Conservancy

LiNC, or the Little Nine Conservancy, began an effort to protect 100 acres of woods and open land about ½ mile south of downtown Southern Pines earlier this year.  The Little Nine name comes from the 112 year-old old golf course built in 1906, which comprises about 45 of the 100 acres. Current neighbors, former neighbors, and folks who recognize the incalculable value of this open space, created LiNC to help protect this local treasure.

Although no longer used as a golf course, the land contributes greatly to the local quality of life. Many households use the land for family hikes and evening strolls. Owing to occasional winter snows, part of the old course has grown famous for the steep hill in front of the fifth tee among those who like sledding. Children's soccer teams practice on the old driving range. And for the last 10-15 years junior and senior high school cross country teams have held cross country races on the old golf course.

As one might imagine, due to this land's proximity to downtown Southern Pines, its owner (Southern Pines Elks Lodge 1692) has received many offers to purchase and develop it, over the years. Despite such temptations, for nearly 70 years, the Elks Club has kept this land for golf and open space. LiNC aims to purchase a conservation easement from the Elks Club to permanently protect the 100 acres. LiNC needs your help!

Natural resources will be protected, with sustainable growth and development. The citizens of Southern Pines recognize that their individual and civic livelihood depends on their Town's relationship with the natural environment. In Southern Pines, growth and economic activity are to be balanced with finite resources, and sensitive areas are to be protected from damage or fragmentation.

Residents of Southern Pines believe in the inherent value of such features from both qualitative and utilitarian perspectives. Future development is envisioned to work, on balance, to protect and enhance the aesthetic, biological, cultural, and utilitarian characteristics of the area's natural environment.

A Film about the history of the Little Nine Golf Course and the area of Southern Pines: