Little Nine Conservancy

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Exhibit 1

Is a postcard which depicts the 11th hole at Southern Pines: SOUTHERN PINES COUNTRY CLUB OPENED IN 1906 AS A NINE HOLE COURSE AND WAS EXPANDED TO EIGHTEEN HOLES BETWEEN 1910-1912

Exhibit 2

is another postcard. This is a very accurate depiction of the 6th hole at Southern Pines. The caption at the top of the postcard reads, “A Sporty Hole, Southern Pines Country Club.” (Courtesy of the Moore County Historical Association, Larry Koster Collection.)And while these two EXHIBITS don’t have telltale postmarks or dates, Susan J. Pockmire of the Moore County Historical Society informed me they come from a collection of Southern Pines Country Club postcards and photos with postmarks or other time stamps ranging from 1907 to 1917.

Exhibit 3

Is the address side of a postcard found by Bob Miller, Exalted Ruler of the Southern Pines Elks Lodge (owners of the course since the mid 1940′s). And this exhibit is so very fascinating because it establishes the Fifth hole played today as the same Fifth hole played in 1908. It’s postmarked December, 1908, was mailed from Southern Pines to Boston, Mass. and contains German handwriting (a translation would be very welcome). The back side also has a handwritten date of “12/9/08″. PostCard The flip side of this postcard shows an incredible image of the Fifth hole at Southern Pines, the same Fifth hole we play today. Notice the type print at the top of the card which reads, ” ‘The Fifth Green’ Country Club Golf Links, Southern Pines, N.C.”

Exhibits 4 and 5

Newspaper clippings from The Outlook, December 1907. They document a match played between a team from Pinehurst and a team from Southern Pines. “The recent match was played on the visitors’ grounds”, the grounds at Southern Pines. The match ended in a tie and was completed two weeks later at Pinehurst. (Southern Pines won. Go team.) Take note that Mr. Ward shot 57 for the nine hole match which established a course record.

Exhibit 6

[This] ... photograph, documented again by Susan Pockmire, “circa 1907″ which depicts the Bilyeau home with the golf course. According to page 91 of Mandell’s book, the Bilyeau home served as a temporary clubhouse prior to the second nine being built.

Historic Look at the 1906 Little Nine Golf Course


A Film about the history of the Little Nine Golf Course and the area of Southern Pines: