Little Nine Conservancy

Helping to protect a part of our history

President: Gus Sams

Vice President: Denis McCullough

Secretary: Scott Boulton

Treasurer: Robert J. Gallagher

Board Members at large: Marian McPhaul and John Buchholz

Webmaster: Robert Simmonds

Thsee residents of Southern Pines are volunteers serving as LiNC's board members: John Buchholz; Denis McCullough; Gus Sams; Scott Boulton; Marian McPhaul.

All have volunteered to help LiNC accomplish its goal of protecting the 100 acres of the original Little Nine Golf Course and surrounding wooded area. Most of them either use the 100 acres frequently, live near it, or grew up near it. While some of our numbers may lack such a direct connection, we all recognize the incalculable value of this land and the ineffable loss if developed into 200-400 homesites.


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