Little Nine Golf Course in Southern Pines Circa 1906

     March of 2016 the Town of Southern Pines updated their long range plan outlining the goals and concerns of growth for the Town through 2040.  In their words, "The citizens of Southern Pines recognize that their individual and civic livelihood depends on their Town’s relationship with the natural environment.

     In Southern Pines, growth and economic activity are to be balanced with finite resources, and sensitive areas are to be protected from damage or fragmentation." (p.2-2, March 2016).  The Little Nine Conservancy (LiNC) goals are in keeping with many of the Goals and Objectives serving the senitments outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.   As you read our Goals on the home page you can see the relations with the Town of Southern Pines and area residents who want to maintain the historic vision of the founding fathers while keeping our streets safe and providing quality of life.

     The letters of Support from the Mayors of Southern Pines and Aberdeen as well as conservation groups our in support of our efforts to maintain this historic area for our current and future generations.

The Southern Pines Comprehensive Long-Range Plan  

Healthy Kids Running Series Spring 2021

The Coordinator for the Pinehurst Healthy Kids event is: Meredith Allerdt and she can be reached at (508) 991-1634 or at the website

The dates for the 2021 Fall event is:  November 7th, 14th and 21st.

The Healthy Kids Running Event course is incorporated in the area where the Little Nine Conservancy is working to place the conservation easement. The easement would protect this area for the Healthy Kids Running Events for generations to come.