Little Nine Golf Course in Southern Pines Circa 1906

Who we are and where we stand on protecting our Environment

The Little Nine Conservancy, Inc., is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization.  We are privileged to have the support of caring individuals, many of whom are current or former residents of Southern Pines with a close connection to and an appreciation of the area know as "The Little Nine".  The Little Nine has remained a cherished green space in the idyllic town of Southern Pines, serving as the perfect place for activities such as long dog walks, picnics, field games, high school cross county meets, and after that long-awaited snowfall, a thrilling sled ride down "Suicide Hill."

Our Mission is to protect and preserve The Little Nine as it is for generations to come.  

Our Goals:

Goal 1: To protect the headwaters of Aberdeen Creek from contaminated runoff and sedimentation inherent in residential development. The Lumber River is called Drowning Creek in Moore County, where it serves as the boundary between Richmond and Moore Counties.

Goal 2: To augment an existing network of municipal, state and privately protected natural areas – namely, The Paint Hill Annex to Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve (a state park), Ray's Mill Park (a municipal park owned by the Town of Aberdeen), and the McDonald-Ray Farm (a privately owned family farm).

Goal 3: To protect the diverse wildlife population currently inhabiting the property.

Goal 4: To protect a natural open space for recreational use by Southern Pines residents, high school and junior high school cross-country teams and the The Healthy Kids events in the Fall and Spring.

Goal 5: To protect the historic layout of the Donald Ross designed golf course, dating to 1906, known locally.

Women's Golf at the Little Nine Golf Course circa 1920

Pinecrest High School Boy's Track Team Meet 2020

Healthy Kids Running Event call for the next race

Entrance to the original Southern Pines Country Club

The Opening hole on the Little Nine Golf Course circa 1920

Healthy Kids Running Fall 2020

Overview of the Little Nine which we are trying to preserve for the future