Little Nine Conservancy

Helping to protect a part of our history

Citizens of Southern Pines envision the continued provision of a unique, diverse and active recreation and parks system, supporting uses suitable to all stages of life.  Residents of Southern Pines recognize the tremendous value of their parks, recreational opportunities and open space areas, and see them as a cornerstone of what makes Southern Pines special. Such amenities - whether public or private (as in the case of golf or equestrian areas) - are prized.  Residents envision having these same essential amenities continue over time, with improvements and expansion following the pace of new growth.

Comprehensive Long-Range Plan, p. 1-1, March 2016

Southern Pines' origin illustrates the power and importance of planning. Once a place where trees were harvested and processed to the point of resource exhaustion, a type of long-range plan was crafted - initially called "Vineland" - to help sell and establish the town as a resort community. Over time, the concept succeeded, with residents attracted by the Town's vision gradually making it their own, and establishing shared civic priorities, expectations and goals. Today, much of the original Vineland plat survives as the core of Southern Pines in a form that the Town's founders would recognize and appreciate.

The Town's inherent charm and livability has been "discovered" in a context of wealth and mobility never envisioned prior to World War II, and pressures have emerged that threaten the very qualities that have defined Southern Pines for so many years - qualities most residents hope never to lose.  

March 2016 the Town of Southern Pines update their long range plan. The Southern Pines Comprehensive Long-Range Plan, outlines the goals and concerns of growth for the Town through 2040.  In their words, "The citizens of Southern Pines recognize that their individual and civic livelihood depends on their Town’s relationship with the natural environment. In Southern Pines, growth and economic activity are to be balanced with finite resources, and sensitive areas are to be protected from damage or fragmentation." (p.2-2).  The Little Nine Conservancy (LiNC) goals are in keeping with many of the Goals and Objectives serving the senitments outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.   As you read our Goals on the home page you can see the relations with the Town of Southern Pines and area residents who want to maintain the historic vision of the founding fathers while keep our streets safe and providing quality of life.

The letters of Support from the Mayors of Southern Pines and Aberdeen as well as conservation groups our in support of our efforts to maintain this historic area for our current and future generations.


Comprehensive Long-Range Plan, p. 2-2, March 2016