Little Nine Conservancy

Helping to protect a part of our history

The Southern Pines Comprehensive Long-Range Plan, adopted March 2016 outlines the goals and concerns of growth of the Town through 2040.  Growth is best served with planning that maintains the natural settings with a conservative growth that both provides for green spaces as well as new neighbors.  The Little Nine Conservancy (LiNC) is comprised of concerned Southern Pines and Area residents who want to maintain the historic vision of the founding fathers while keep our streets safe and providing quality of life.

Quoting from this Plan:

In addition, the Little Nine Conservacy efforts are in line with the Comprehensive Long-Range Plan of Southern Pines and the historical vision of our community.  We have listed the Goals and Policies from the Plan that are in-line with our efforts:

Purpose of Little Nine Conservancy

One of the key concerns for residents is ensuring that growth and change do not degrade the quality of existing neighborhoods. In all neighborhoods, this means:

          Maintaining compatible scales and intensities of development;

          Designing and maintaining safe streets that serve motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians at appropriate levels of service;

          Preventing or mitigating potentially blighting influences; and

          Retaining trees.

In addition to preserving its valued historic structures, the Town must focus on preserving historic sites and vegetation, as well as the gridded block structure of Downtown and West Southern Pines. It must also strive to ensure that new development and redevelopment in historic neighborhoods reinforces the historic character through building design and scale, building materials, site development and streetscaping


     G-2. Natural Resources. Protect Southern Pines' natural environment and resources for present and future generations.

     G-4. Neighborhoods. Protect and enhance the civic vitality, function, stability and character of Southern Pines commercial and residential neighborhoods.

     G-6. Parks & Open Spaces. Maintain the Town's public parks, open-space areas and cultural landscapes for their recreational, environmental and economic values.

     G-13. Growth. Ensure that services, facilities and land resources accommodate anticipated growth while enhancing the quality of life for Southern Pines' residents.

     G-14. Community Involvement. Involve the community in public decision-making processes to help achieve the Town's vision and goals.


P-18. Parks and Recreation. Facilitate access to public and private parks and recreational facilities and activities for residents in new and existing neighborhoods by:

     a.  Maintaining existing public park facilities,

     b.  Encouraging development of new public and private facilities in coordination with new development, and

     c.  Coordinating with State, County, neighboring communities, private entities and other organizations to provide cost-effective local and regional recreation facilities and activities.

P-19.  Resource Management.

     a.  Pursuing open-space and critical area preservation, and

     b.  Protecting and improving the area and range of long-leaf pine habitate in coordination with other public and private entities.